WTF!!! My company where I'm working on strictly follows the EICC rules but you can be asked to work more than 12 hours or even 7 days a week to provided the production support and requirements.

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    Pay per hour?
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    Rules are nice in theory, but it would be naive to believe that everything is strictly followed anywhere... Working overtime will also allow you to make a good foundation to gain higher salary and/or land a promotion.

    Back in the industrial age, people worked much longer hours and didn't even get the chance to get promoted as easily as we do today.

    I'm suggesting that you see the failure to comply to the working-hour rule as an opportunity for your carreer instead of an injustice.
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    @filthyranter no, i get paid monthly.
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    @SomeOneWantsTo Yes, but is the pay you get determined by an hourly rate, or is it some bullshit fixed rate? If it's the latter, look out for a new job.
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