Work story.
We have this system that's being used nation-wide and basically there's a control panel for management (it's a website)) and an app for the regular users.

I just migrated and replaced the guy before me, I'm basically the only one on the project.

The code for the website is a mess, the servers are sometimes slow, and few security problems here and there.

Project Lead comes up to me and says that few of our clients that use the website are saying it works really slowly.
I start by analyzing the networking, and found shocking things.
First of all, let's say there's a messaging option, and the management teams that are our clients can have each a lot of groups, which all have messaging.

Upon first load, ALL OF THE IMAGES, FROM ALL GROUPS, ARE PRE LOADED. It can get up to few hundred photos being preloaded upon first load, which can explain the slow loading.
After discovering that, I discovered that the Administration control panel, which only my project lead can access, with sends heavy requests to the server and loads heavy assets, is loaded every time to every single client, generating heavy stress on our server and slowing everything down.

I tell that to my project lead and say that that's what causing the slow downs, I coded a fix that currently sits and is not being merged to the master branch to be deployed, and somehow I need to find a way to fix the slowness which all comes down to the heavy requests and slow connection with servers... And they won't merge my fix that fixes the loading of the administration panel so the stress on the servers could go down, and everything will be sped up....
Ah damnit.. sometimes I don't understand it..

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    😂 Gotta love it. I'm in a similar boat. We've racked up so much technical debt and the clients complain about bugs but never want to allocate any time or resources to QA or testing before launching any features, nor do they allocate adequate time to clean up existing tech debt. Instead they eat up the small amount of testing time that our managers insist on allocating with endless last-minute feature requests. When I do manage to do "extra" cleanup on the codebase it rarely ever gets merged because nobody has any time/motivation to review the PR. I have an open PR from 2017 to clean up the mess created by someone else's "P1" bug that could potentially get us into a lot of trouble. Buuut it doesn't really matter that it never got merged, because the guy who was supposed to actually fix the bug never bothered to do so. If my own patch was merged it would clean up the existing data, then the data would quickly get messed up again by the still-bugged code. Really motivating, isn't it?
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    Nice rant.
    Welcome to devrant btw!
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    @HollowKitty yep xD, it's basically like, why did you hire me to do the job, when you won't try to use my fixes that fixed what you wanted to fix😂
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    @TempestasLudi Thank you :D
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