Can you explain me what responsibilities project manager has at your company? Because I see a lot of posts where PM doesn't have a clue about programming. In my company PM is a senior dev so he can distribute tasks properly. How is it possible to manage programming projects and don't understand it

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    The project manager at our company is not supposed to estimate or manage technical tasks, that's what the dev lead is for. There are a whole lot of things that go into our projects that don't have anything to do with programming. Primarily our PM's job is scheduling a project so that everyone (not just developers) spend a minimum amount of time being blocked on prerequisite tasks from others and making sure the project goes out on time and on spec. Estimating technical tasks to slot into that schedule means consulting with the dev lead or other developers. Our PM spends a lot of time communicating with clients and juggling the schedule around when prereq tasks are delayed or client priorities change.
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    @HollowKitty thank you, I haven't worked in big company, so view is very narrow
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