That's the reason why I'm still using Windows 10 Insiders builds...when you get into GSoD, you can shoot nice photo where you actually are. For me right now, that's the cafe in the shopping center.

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    Hi, I own a Dell-xps 13 to...
    I had multiple problems with blue screens (ca. 3-5/day)and decided to send it back. A while back I got a new one and still have bluescreens sometimes... I think it‘s cause of the laptop...

    Glad for me to see, that I‘m not the only one with this problem, sad for you I that you have it to I guess..
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    GSoD 😮

    is that different than BSoD?
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    @mjones44 yes, that's stuff only for Insiders
    @Seriyuko that's normal if you use Insiders builds, but if you don't use it, that's probably the problem of us two
    I also have GSoD 4/5 times per day, but I don't really care about it, but you know what helps? Older Windows 10 builds that are really stable
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    @mjones44 it's just Green Screen of Death
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    @Proximyst lol I got that much. I was wondering why it was green.
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    @mjones44 Insider thingy, but I don't see why it's even a thing as an OS should be stable :^)
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    @Proximyst true. I've never had anything equivalent to BSoD on Linux or MacOS ever
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    @mjones44 I've only had kernel panics with shitty community-driven (fuck netgear) drivers
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    That's normal with Insiders versions, in regulations Microsoft is saying that isn't stable version of Windows 10, and asks you not to install it on your main hardware, but the temptation is strong...
    Anyway, macOS is a lot more stable, but I actually have here Killer 1535 and it doesn't like macOS too much...I need to buy DW1830 in the near future to run Wi-Fi on macOS on my laptop so...I saw I could use USB Wi-Fi cards, but Apple services such as AppStore can sometimes fail with that kinda stuff
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