Any good rust-IDE's out there? There's an atom-plugin that's ok imo and i found an eclipse-based IDE, but for that i have to set up a shitton of things.
How do you develop in rust?

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    I don't know Rust, but you could go with one of Jetbrains' IDE and use the Rust plugin: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugi...
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    The overwhelming choice for most ppl is VS Code I believe. There are some great plugins and the Rust language server is getting pretty good now. The same can be accomplished in Vim or Neovim but it's way more difficult to set up IMO. It can be sort of annoying sometimes because it gets mad about mismatching return types before you even finish writing your code which hides other errors.
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    @fuck2code that's the links i found too. I asked this question to get the "latest" information, maybe some things aren't listed yet or became outdated. Appearently nothing did change much.

    Ps: if you do low-level-programming you'll like rust. It's like c++ but without that ton of features and with built-in memory management. It still lacks some things, but i think it'll be ready in a few years.
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    @CluelessBanana will that still be a good choice if i haven't worked with jetbrains before? (I used it one time but it seemed as big as eclipse)
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    @RantSomeWhere @-vim- after i've seen all the stuff that has vim-keybindings i vowed to learn them someday. But now is not the time for something with a learning curve of a wall
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    I use vim daily for Rust and it has splendid support. IntelliJ-Rust is absolute, utter horseshit, especially with the "lol fuck LSP lets make our own everything" mindset. vscode-rust isn't great, but it's by far the best plugin for easy editors/IDEs.
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    More than the plugin, there's a dedicated ide for rust in jetbrains
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    @Proximyst I'm currently running with the IntelliJ plugin, but mostly because I had some issues where racer wouldn't detect structs in some crates (while using vsc).
    I'd love to get rid of the jetbrains stuff, tho.
    Can you recommend some other plugins for rust + vim?
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    @IRonnyc why would you want to get rid of Jetbrains' products? Are they not suitable for Rust yet? (disclaimer: I don't know Rust 😋)
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    @CluelessBanana the problem isn't the quality of jetbrains products, but they don't have a rust IDE.
    You can install a plugin that adds rust support, but as far as I know only CLion can debug rust. And as CLion isn't free, I have to either pay or use my students license, which doesn't allow commercial use (not that they'd check that...).
    Also as @Proximyst pointed out, the developers of the plugin decided to do everything themselves.
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    @IRonnyc rust.vim, deoplete and languageclient-neovim
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    @Proximyst thanks! I'll give it a shot today :)
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