I don't hate newbies. I hate newbies that think they are pros.

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    @ewpratten being able to gauge ur skill level is a vaulable skill
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    I also hate the pros who are full of ego and make everyone feel that they are superior to others.
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    I hate those kids (or people in general) who want to discuss solutions but just want to implement their own solution without discussing in the end. Additionally they don't even listen to other suggestions or provide any good reasons for they own solution.

    Recently another team here had to handle with this kind of kid, who wants to start implementing while discussing which technologies are going to be used. He doesn't even listen what the others say. 😒
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    I guess that is a problem with society: We are devs. What we do is, to the most people, a miracle (Think "doctors").

    Even knowing the basics of JS (or for that matter, any other "simple" language - Python, Ruby, PHP, pick your poison) puts you miles ahead of the average "user" (who, if you pick a good one in the bunch, might know what an OS or a Browser is).

    Compared to a seasoned professional though, you're still a newbie. As someone who learned to code in his free time and later went to the IT business, I had to learn that lesson myself: You're not a "pro" because you can code. You're a pro because you have experience, can code well, document and test your work, resolve issues and develop good software. And even then, there is always more to learn.
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    You must always know what you don't know that's what separates newbies and pro newbies
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    @py2js Exactly my words. The IT business is very specialized. I recently had techs from an ISP at my house that worked on my phone lines - I looked over their shoulder (I work with computers since I was 7, started tinkering and coding at 10) and I had precisely no clue what the hell they were doing...

    Or as my grandpa used to say: "If you believe you know everything at any given point, the only thing you really have achieved is the highest level of idiocy"
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    Sometimes this can be mistaken for the "Dunning kruger effect". Then again some people are just straight up arse holes
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    I hate newbies that call newbies newbies.
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