I just want to rant about my teacher who did not teach us on software engineering principles especially on version control and how we handle our code.
[This is Tl;dr section so I won't take your time to read] I just want your advice or opinions on students required to learn version control.

Now that there are many freshmen in our school, I want to teach them the very basics on version control. Our flaws as a group, when we are in developing our project is, there's only 1 person who handles all of the code and that's not very effective, the others were busy on the documentation and project management but not the code that the person wrote. I can relate to that person but I'm actually doing other task and review it. My group mates didn't review my code because it was written in Ecma Script(I refer to them as javascript). I put comments on every functions, conditions, and variables so that they could understand, but they don't.

So If you have any ideas please reply. I will read them and evaluate.

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