Only half dev-related but AAAAARRRGGGGHH it sure as hell is a rant.
Doing a programming course, and I'm supposed to provide flowcharts of the code. I just spent over TWO FUCKING HOURS working on one in LibreOffice Writer, saving in between to make sure it didn't mess up. But of-FUCKING-course as soon as I do the final goddamn save for the chart, it just magically disappears. My hate for word editors burns with the intensity of all the fires of hell, and almost even rivals my hate for M$...

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    Use draw.io instead of a word processor
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    @deanster I *have* used that, but I still run into the issue of getting it to be the right size/dimensions. :/ And I have yet to insert an image successfully in a way that it stays the same after saving and closing. I'm so done with these things.
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