While attempting to quit smoking and after spending a full day trying to understand why the previous devs took this approach to encrypting a string and my lack of nicotine addled brain not allowing me to see that this was a “Secure”String and so uses a machine specific key (that’s why the code that worked locally wouldn’t run on production 😑) this is my rant on comments added to the helper I had to write

/// <summary>
/// If you are using this class and it's not for backward compatibility - then you probably shouldn't be using it
/// Nothing good comes from "Secure" strings
/// Further to this Secure strings are only "useful" for single user crypto as the encryption uses the login creds, transferring
/// this data to another client will result in them never being able to decrypt it
/// Windows uses the user's login password to generate a master key.
/// This master key is protected using the user's password and then stored along with the user's profile.
/// This master key then gets used to derive a number of other keys and it's these other keys that are used to protect the data.
/// This is also a broken crypto method via injection (see Hawkeye http://hawkeye.codeplex.com/) plus the string is stored in plain
/// text in memory, along with numerous other reasons not to use it.
/// </summary>
public class SecureStringHelper

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    I get the hell you are going through brother.
    Just remember that you are not alone
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    @oudalally my out loud ranting was littered with many expletives!

    You can do it, the cig doesn’t take away the situation, it just stops you being mindful of it. It’s nice to finally experience things!
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    @norman70688 it’s been two days or a week if you ignore the fail over the weekend
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