I'm starting college soon for Computer Science and Engineering. Any advice on how to learn as much as I can in the classroom setting? Everything I know now I've had to piece together.

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    Quit college?

    JK, I bet you already made your first payment. I can layout some tips:

    - Don't listen to the teacher unless you know he knows what he's doing.
    - Keep yourself updated on the tech you like to develop, not on the tech they'll force you to develop.
    - If a class and teacher are a waste of time and you can't leave it, do your minimum and use the time to improve your skills
    - Start uploading your personal projects, code snippets, etc. to GitHub (it'll help a lot more than your actual degree)
    - Learn about managing, developing practices, agile, scrum, business and finance so you can start as a manager type dev rather than a grunt plain dev when you graduate
    - Don't develop things that won't give you some value in return (be it knowledge, profit or fun) instead practice your managing skills and build a dev team who does it for you when possible.
    - Do personal projects, develop your ideas and present them. Doing it in college is easier than outside.
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    - if your college is full of buroucracy, don't try and change it it'll be more energy efficient to let it go.
    - do not take projects that are total scams. These are projects promoted by the university that involve improving or building a system for it for free (curriculum) unless it's a well renowned University or they let you post the code on GitHub.
    - start searching for ways to freelance online and start doing so (you may use your dev team as leverage)
    - Avoid discussing with professors about merits, some might get jealous and others might want to take advantage of their position I trade work for your grade.
    These are some things I've learned (some the hard way) during my bachelor's, I'll be out in around a year and a half; wish someone told me this at the beginning.

    Good luck tho.
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    I'm studying computer science right now, and my advice would be to ignore anything language or framework specific, since it's probably outdated anyway, instead focus on the mathematics and design patterns
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