Anyone considered substance use to make you a better programmer? Personally I struggle with concentration for more than 6 hours a stretch and I just started vaping with no nicotine but I just read this and maybe it's what I need?


I don't drink or do drugs but life is so competitive I think maybe I need an edge against prescription adderall programmers rising in the ranks....

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    try reading books :D
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    Is life really that competitive that you need to get addicted to a substance? I don't think it is. Being able to concentrate for 6 hours is more than enough imo.
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    I can’t stay on my desk for more than 30 mins without going nuts and you feel 6hrs straight isn’t good? Oh boy
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    I think keeping focus for 6 hours is called being human.

    Chill out.
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    Stay away from that! Any synthetic "concentration enhancer" is just another name for an addictive pile of shit (think Ritalin aka Speed - hyperactivity, suicidal tendencies, aggression and that's not even starting about what happens on withdrawal). Stick with what mother nature gave you: a little caffeine, enough water, sleep and a balanced nutrition help. Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Try reducing your sugar intake.
    Got some experience with coding baked (White Widow), can't really recommend it. Sure, I could focus well and the code was very well, but it was an unreadable mess. You don't really want that, plus, it is illegal in most countries (I was on a job in Amsterdam at that point).
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