Refactoring a method of a 5 year old system. Probably one of the ugliest code I have ever seen. This is just a little piece of the ugliness

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    Is this written on a mirror!?
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    @DeadInside Hahaah 2011 iMac. It’s nice that we can see people getting behind us 😂
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    And also Spanish... I live in a Spanish speaking country myself but no development agency would have their employees code on Spanish.
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    Portuguese actually
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    It's common in portuguese companies.
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    Definitely yucky code.

    A) Pointless rescue. Nothing in that will ever raise an exception.
    B) Comparing a Boolean expression to return a Boolean.
    C) ?-methods don't typically take args
    D) Poor duplicate of .present?
    E) English please!

    Make it go away!
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