So I've been using Antergos Linux as a way to ease myself into Arch.

Gnome apparently has moved to Wayland so I thought "Oh I don't need the Xorg window server anymore, let's just delete the Pacman package for that..."

Oh. Oh crap.

That was a mistake.
...Gnome is gone.

.... Guess I got my excuse to install vanilla Arch.

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    You can boot up with an arch Linux and then repair this :)
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    Boot using live ArchLinux and chrooting into your installation partition, you can easily install Xorg, without actually booting into your base OS. 🎉
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    @ozelentsov @kabhishek Why would chroot even be needed? TTY should still work…
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    This is seriously not an issue that remotely requires reinstalling. If the only way you can think of to fix this is a fresh install, maybe you're not ready for Arch (Not trying to sound like an asshole, but fixing problems like this is a basic part of an Arch installation)
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    upvote for antergos.
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    Even if you only use Wayland apps, you will still need X for X forwarding in SSH
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    @ozelentsov Yeah I know. I'm just being lazy. 😪
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    @kenogo The post was mainly a joke. I was aware of what I was diving into.
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