Neither human, nor animal

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    For non hindus:

    This is Narasimha. Fourth avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. The dude hes fucking up is an evil demon who was basically a racist evil cunt that oppressed the people of his land.

    In this context, this image and it's text make no fucking sense whatsoever, so I wonder what OP is smoking
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    @hashedram this makes sense.
    He was granted wish for that he can't ve killed in day or night, inside home or outside, nor by human nor by animal, nor by weapons, nor by position. Still he was killed.
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    He was killed in evening, at his doorstep, by claws of half human and half animal
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    @vikaskr it really doesn't. Try looking at it later when you're sober
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    @hashedram I am talking about the stroy which this pic is referring.
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