Got a call from Google!

Asked for two months to study: Discrete mathematics, Calculus, introductions to algorithms, design patterns, CTCI and linux/unix OS workings in general.

I know I'll be banging my head against the wall and I don't have my expectations too high. But regardless I feel like this is a good excuse to speed up my studies and push myself in the direction I want to go already. It'll be a win-win even if I don't land the position because I'll definitely gain a ton in the process of preparing.

I will be expose to all of this material (except for calculus because I've been learning it for a couple of months) for the first time so I know it'll be a challenge and I am looking forward to it.

If any of you have any tips on good study habits that'll be much appreciated; I currently like to read most of my material and supplement with videos/tutorials... Khan is great but they lack material on discrete mathematics unfortuantely. Thanks in advance!

Wish me luck (:

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    @Floydian hahahahaha
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    @Floydian and enjoy the rest of your life in jail, or russia
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    A study tip I can pass on. Not that I ever followed this advice... Do your studying away from your leisure areas, and do it at the same time every day and for the same amount of time And turn your phone off... good luck, m8.
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    @-vim- ahahahaha nice references
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    @-vim- or gulag in russia :D
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    It's generally perceived the human mind can learn 4-5 hours of new information per day efficiently. Study. Review. Sleep. Review old material. Then study new material. Haven't tried this myself but I remember it distinctly as the conclusion of a discussion on y combinator.
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    Can you elaborate what is discrete mathematics? English course naming is slightly off from what i use in my language
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    @Snatched nvm seems its basically algebrae
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    @Snatched Sure: set theory, logic, proofs etc.
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