Lately, I've been working in a web security company (mainly as a Support guy).
Going through tickets, I've found one golden gem, which helped me realising how dum customers are.

Since he's our customer, we try to keep stuff up-and-running at all times. If something goes bad, we fix it, and we need their passwords for stuff.
After the customer (somehow) got hacked again, he changed the password in panic.
Note the initial password was really, really good.
He emailed us the new password for "just in case".

The password is "hard-to-guess".

What. The. Actuall. Fuck.

What's next?
Setting the password "12345", activating 2-step-authentication and sending his phone in, along with his finger so we can unlock it with touch id?

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    Encountered something like "dogs7" once and they're a lawyers office or something.
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    @Meta WOW-THE-FUCK? <3
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