Even root is feeling sorry for me!!!☹️

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    Type sudo -i then su root
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    'sudo -i' will give you root's ENV. It works the same as 'su -'

    Also, you don't need to specify root with su.
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    @bahua Doesn’t he need to set a root password, which Macs by default don’t have, to use “su -“?
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    Yeah, if there's no password set, then su will definitely not work.
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    @bahua Thanks, I’m aware of the root’s responsibilities. I was just playing around to get that console message.
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    I wasn't warning you against logging in as root. I was telling you that it is not necessary to specify, "root" in the command. If you don't specify a username, root is implied, since the command stands for super user.
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    Again, unnecessary.

    "sudo -i" has an identical outcome to, "sudo su -"
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    Not really.
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