Do you also learn more using code snippets in the Internet than from sites and wikis trying to explain specific commands?

That's pretty odd in my opinion.

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    A lot of people learn better from examples and trial and error, no matter what field you're in. I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to make a collection of text fields recently, didn't work out with examples and theory so I started just trying and got it working after some attempts. I had the same approach when I needed to use XML. Docs made no sense so I did a lot of testing to get a feel for the functionality.

    I think it's down to documentation not having enough examples or having either too specific or too simple setups - or not being there at all.

    Personally I learn a lot from just getting my hands dirty and googling stuff on the fly. I'll take a course and read some docs every now and again, but nothing beats writing it and making it work.
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