My worst nightmare these days: Error 500

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    Preach. It's a good day when I don't get it after a day of work.
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    It is a nightmare (in production), but sometimes in develop it may even be a lesson, as in it teaches you to build much more robust code. Other than issues beyond your control, the most common thing:

    if (! somethingThatIsExpected) {
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    @wannabee it's funny and sad at the same time because I don't get this error in develop, always in production. And always is something dumb or lack of attention...
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    @starrynights89 you upload everything and when you think on that cold beer, it shows the freaking error.
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    @ocaiquemello Too true. I actually got nervous when I deploy and it works the first time. 🤪
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    @starrynights89 me too, then I start to review everything...
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