I'm wanting to basically make a program or collection or scripts to automate all the boring parts of my life (cause I'm a lazy shit basically)
Any idea on what would be the best language to do this. I'm thinking python tbh. The end goal is going to be bills being payed ( I will out money manually into a PayPal account or something for this) and shopping being ordered to my house. Like I said I'm thinking python but wondering if there is anything better. I'm gonna end up having a computer or something set up just for theses scripts as will then extend into home automation or whatever I think looks fun. As the best way to learn is to try and making something fun

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    Here's a crazy idea, PHP for the scripting and backend, mysql for database, JavaScript CSS and HTML for the fronted so you have an interactive website that controls the scripts as well
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    I like that idea, would be fun to make. Would have to learn some secure coding techniques for php
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