What's your thoughts on stored procedures(of DBs)?
What are the pros and the cost you found or perceived?
When they are opportune?
Overusing them more than a programming language is an abuse?

I was introduced to a software started initially by economy\finance people which knew a little bit programming, nonetheless their doing became messy though time and at a certain point hired a team of 4 people(from my company) to deal with it, but the approach of the two programmers to build most of the framework on calling stored procedures or queries makes me want to puke, there are almost no layers of separation of concern in place x_x

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    Damn good luck working on that :/
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    I don’t see why not? I used sp so I could change the query in the future, or is there other way to store a query?
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    @devTea for languages that are able to do queries directly from the language\framework with the help of lambda expressions you can totally do without SPs and queries strings, ex:
    await DbContext.Products.AddRangeAsync(
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