I do not understand why everyone is so fanatic about stickers. Went to a conference one day and about 90% of all laptops had stickers and ich only wanted to free every of this small beautiful creatures from this ugly pieces of shit.

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    You not liking something != something being ugly or bad.

    That is why.
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    Even without your "ich" instead of "I" and name "Luftluft" - I can easily tell you're german. Or you're good at pretending to be
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    @BambuSource I am not german, I am just an incredible good actor 🤓
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    It’s a like a programmer tatto
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    It's a way to express individuality, declare allegiance to certain tech, and stand apart from the homogenous crowd of bare laptop bodies.

    The ugliest shell
    Hides a splendid pearl within
    The kernel, perfect
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    I agree! I like my laptop clean
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    @AscendantMeme @luftluft I just had to cover that ugly fruit logo with a penguin.
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