You know what's worse than hell?

Your non-technical boss thinking he knows coding.

In the middle of night you are going to fix the problem he created, because he messed it in live server.

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    I feel your pain :D
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    We had a rule at my last job. Anyone was allowed to make changes in production, but they had to wear the cowboy hat. If you broke something while wearing the cowboy hat, you owed everyone in the room a six pack of their choice. When we started it “cowboying” happened all the time. After the drinks started piling up people who didn’t know what they were doing didn’t “cowboy” anymore until they tested it beforehand.

    (Similar rule for pushing code to live servers)
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    @Diactoros one day my boss was doing something in db and emptied everyone's password. In the middle of night, I sent email to all users that "for better security, we've reset your password, please click the link to set a new one."

    This is what reduced his messing with db a lot.
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    I just laughed at the top of my lungs in a bar at this and everyone looked at me.
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    Why fix it in the middle of the night though? Let that shit burn, get your sleep, and the day after just point the finger at him when someone comes in shouting about lost revenue
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