Ah c'mon I'm in a hurry!!

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    Shhh. It can sense your in a hurry and will go slower. You must act like you dont give a shit
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    Sometimes I think this is damn true :(
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    "Das dauert einen Moment" - one day I had to wait frickin 45 Minutes to get to finish an important project, after Windows decided to reboot while I was gone for 10 minutes.
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    Duh that hurts. For me it was like 30 minutes. I want my lost time back
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    @acidowl actually I'm running a setup with a laptop and a desktop PC with interconnected monitors. If the first machine demands a reboot, I just switch to the other and delay it there until I can savely switch back after the update...
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    @LukasFruntke This is probably the most comfortable solution to this problem :D
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    @acidowl Working on Ubuntu would be the best solution, but at the moment it is simply easier to work with Windows. My future employee relies even more on Windows, they even sell it to other businesses..
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