Finally took the step and got myself PHPStorm for one year. Gonna be a good time... ^^

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    My wife has the university email address, so I've got full range of their products. For free.
    Congrats, BTW!
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    @arazzz Wow thank you first of all, but that sounds awesome!
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    @arazzz non-commercial use 😉
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    Well worth the money. JetBrains is great. I'd go insane without DataGrip. We have MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, postgres, and Redshift. We also have Mongo which I use Robo 3T for, but everything else in DG. They really need to add support for NoSQL, though.
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    I use it on and off every few weeks. Can't seem to remain on it for too long. Amazing functionality but for me it is heavy as hell.

    I'm used to sublime with a zillion configured plugins so speed is paramount to me but I'd like to spend more time with it.
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