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Just gave my first kiss to a girl that left the country a few hours later due to the end of her internship. I don't know how I should feel :/

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    Fell ya
    Had a relationship with a Canadian exchange student, for about 3/4 year
    It somewhat special, since we both knew that it will probably be over in the near future, made me feeling much more grateful for what we had
    It's hard, but I think it was worth it
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    @Kimmax I get you mate! If I wanna be positive I guess I can say I've had a first experience at least :)
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    @oudalally Cheers :) I definitely will!
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    @oudalally While I do live in Italy, I'm currently abroad for an internship so I don't even have that xD
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    @oudalally I'm doing a high school Erasmus for the rest of July in Portgual
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    @oudalally True :) Cheers
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    Ah. A female friend of mine did something similar with a guy from Denmark. She herself was on exchange here but was here for a few more months. She felt sad about the fact that he left and I gave her one of my speech sessions about how it's important to cherish every small moment in life and how it's amazing that she went ahead and did what she did. She was so touched by the speech that she booked tickets and flew to Denmark to meet him again for five days. (I was quite shocked xD)
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