Today, my manager received a brand new Macbook pro with all its cool features while I am still stuck using an old Macbook pro (mid 2012 model). I always complained him about performance issues and all he did was to approve an OS upgrade (to Sierra). How does that even enable me to be productive? I am already running applications at the peak of the machine limits. Sometimes, the JVM crashes and other time Node.js runs out of heap space.

The manager is not a programmer. All he really does is attend online meetings, track and report to management, and write emails. Ideally, he would need a Mac Air or perhaps a Windows machine. I still wonder how did the company management allowed this. He is simply misusing his privileges as a manager and I can do nothing about it.

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    Write an email to management explaining in a friendly way why you need new hardware and make them aware how much time you lose per day. Translate this time to money and they’ll see that a MacBook Pro isn’t that big for an investment. If they don’t approve, I’d get the fuck out from there if I was you as they don’t value your needs as a developer
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    f***k shit that manager....
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