Just finished our BIG update including a big change in the backend (PHP => NODEJS). So I hope our users will enjoy this one because we are not yet public and our competitor get a lot of clients each day but if we compare our product to their product: Ours is responsive as fucked and have much more stability but less fonctionnalities so we have to add more fonctionnalities before releasing our product to the public. I hope we will be able in a few weeks! With only me and my back-end dev (My employee and friend at the same time) to work on it and they have 2 more devs to their team to use Bubble.. (They are now 6 or 8 devs (wannabes and using a drag and drop website) in total vs 2 (us) real programmers).

A well deserved night of sleep :P

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    @2lazy2debug I will check later about what you're talking ;)
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    @2lazy2debug Thanks for the explaination, yah it's our case at this moment but with the passion and workflow we currently have we will make it (I wish). Hehe
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    Just don't wait for to long. Once they have a stable userbase, it will take a lot to convince the users to switch!
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