Heya guys

Looking to get some extra cash so I'd like to strike out on my own a bit as well.. But struggling to get going... Don't really have a network orso to get opportunities...

I've seen sites like upwork promising great results, and I'm about to sign up for them now, to see how it goes...

But my question is, any of you guys have some tips and tricks for me?

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    As someone who tried it for maybe a month... you're not going to get many jobs in the first month. My first one wasn't even dev, it was a speech data collection where I had to record myself saying phrases for 2 hours to earn 5 dollars. I was also supposed to write a simple bash script for a client, but after a lot of messages with no response, I gave up on that.

    I guess I should also acknowledge my hatred of seeing the words "full-stack", "javascript" "AWS", "WordPress" in every single job description since I don't necessarily like working with web and cloud stuff for various reasons. If you can work with those, then you probably have a much better chance at scoring contracts than I did.
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