I just oversleeped...
Im not a dev yet, i have a contract job at the factory.
I have worked 1month already from 3 that i singned up for.

The worst thing is that i said i need a day off to give specific papers for my university. It was supposed to be today but i moved it tomorrow due to the problem with transport.

Well my superior is propably realy angry right now... On the bright side i will have 2 days off...

I wont get fired (hopefully) because as contract job they should only substracy the daily pay from my monthly salary.

This is my first time that im late for a real job. My intuition says that i should go but i wouldnt bear the shame... If i were to go i would be late minimaly 2 hours. I have no idea what to do... I will propably stay home and lose the daily payment because im not strong enough to bear the shame today. It would be very difficult to get in the company as well. Ahhhhh! Its difficult to make decisions when you are shy, lazy and scared.

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    Next time call in sick and thats it bro. After graduating from uni worked first 6 months in a warehouse and at the same time I was applying for jobs. Everytime I get a call from recruiter during job its “toilet” time, every time I get an interview I call in sick :) put yourself first
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    Oversleeped. Oversleeped. Oversleeped. Oversleeped.
    Oversleeped. Oversleeped. Oversleeped. Oversleeped.

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    I feel realy bad ao the joke isnt working for me. I shouldnt care that much about me because its going to ruin my psyche. I feel even worse when i said about to my parents and they were pissed. Propably the worst think i could think of now was to inform them. Instead of feeling bad and curling into a ball i should do something usefull in house and make sure that i wont overslep again. But it is hard! If any of you had a similar situation, tell me what do you do in a said situation?
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    @Gregozor2121 i started my own projects and never asked money from parents since I was 17. Since my first money started comming in no one could give me shit anymore and I built courage to trust myself. Achieve independence man. Neither your warehouse supervisor neither your parents know whats best for you.
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    If that happens (as long as it's not frequent) perhaps you can call in sick or go and say you had an unexpected emergency in the morning.
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