*coffee time 5 issues*
*While solving issues 4 more issues*
*Total 11 new issues while leaving office*

Do testers realise the gravity of time?

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    Yes, we do. But the code is so shitty that we can't help.
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    @Floydian you mean last moment change requests by client marked as bug instead of change request?
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    @nothappy that's not out fault.

    The client is stupid in this case.
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    @Floydian yeah but the tester should atleast not mark as bug and mention in description that it's a change request because it's fucking depressing that I have to reduce 1px just because it's not 'good enough'
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    @nothappy again, that's the process flaw or maybe that particular person is dumb to do that.

    The process we follow at my employer is not this. It comes from the support team which is initiated by client itself.

    Also, the management is strong enough to reject it and/or mark it as change request.

    Mind you, that the clients I talk of here (and I work with) own businesses and assests worth trillions of dollars. Yes, trillion with a T.
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    I dislike this view of the testing community. They do know what they're doing, most of them and most of the time. Things aren't always clear because no one take time to explain anything.
    And in the end, everyone considers them as the lesser part of the software development lifecycle.
    I recommend you stop underestimating these people and try to talk to them. You may have a surprise.

    *disclaimer: some may be indeed idiots but that can happen in the dev, devops or any other community.
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    Okay general instruction : this isn't anti tester rant, so hold your horses
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    @nothappy sorry, felt a bit like it.
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