Got my first job. I get to work at a call center. (^^)

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    Oh gosh, I did that kind of work for 3 years. A lot of beginning IT jobs start there.
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    @ArcaneEye they provide us with noise cancelling headphones.
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    As a dev or actually on the phone. Either way, it's a mess, but if it's a dev position stick to it, learn and switch :)
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    @b02mne on the phone. No worries though. I have another interview at CeX today as a sales assistant. Hahaha
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    Update: I got the job for the interviewing company but not CeX. Apart from that, I gotta call in on Monday to book my first shift training and my information pack. Seems they forgot about me. Cunts. Oh well, that's about as much as I expected out of them.
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    They're somewhat strict though within good reason. I like the place. It's not bad.
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