So, Today was the last day of my internship.
and it was a great last day but everything was fine until.

I started my computer and for some reason it got caught up in boot. It didnt start Nautilus.

So i asked a Senior Dev for help. Nice as these Devs are, he helped me look for reasons. And we found them. My ubuntu hadnt had enough disk space to start. (On a side note there is nothing but Atom Firefox and a few files on there.) So we looked for the biggest files in the system and found them. Syslog was 40 Gb big. And if you think that is shocking behold. Because Syslog.1 was 290Gb big.

Not really a rant but a Story.

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    How awesome is that your learnt something until the very end? :P

    (Glad you enjoyed your internship!)
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    How could syslog grow that big? I'd like to avoid this happening to me :)
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    Good learning in the end😀
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    @Gnonpi Apperently my Mediabuttons(wich i dont have) threw some blop errors. I dont really understand it bur thats thats what i was able to gather. Also its an easy fix so dont worry:)
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    @CaptainJuers thanks for the explanation
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    @ArcaneEye try compiling Android with a 256gb ssd with apps and everything on it
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