Me: "How could I handle all these conditions? Would I be somehow able to implement them in the database so my code could just grab it there?"

Mentor: "No, that would be impossible"

Me: "Oh how about I just save them as a valid question in the db and the user will have to answer!"

Mentor: "No, you're supposed to automate that process for the user."

Guess I have to hard code it and can't rely on the good old humans.

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    Now I'm curious as to what the conditions are 😊
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    @Hakash it's a tool for invoices and the conditions are for discounts, e.g. "is recipient self employed" or "discount is given up to 250€"
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    @jonii and how would you know if someone is self employed if they don't tell you / you store it? Api to lookup the company they registered?
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    @Hakash we have that information
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    @jonii oh, thought you said you didn't have it in db and could not ask for it 😊 my bad 😁
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