Quick question, is it bad to quit from a job when the project is not finished yet, especially in a startup company?

My reasoning for quitting, boss doesn’t really understand how game development usually works and mostly assuming every project will be same.

Following is my rant of background story for my question.

The incident triggered me wanting to leave is as below.
G = another guy from incubating center
B = boss

G: hey B, do u know this game studio is releasing this title soon. It’s a local company. Sounds cool.

Then they went to check the company profile. Found that the company has abt 40 staffs in total.

B: hey lunadev, do u know them? They have 40 people to make 2 titles. I think we’re the smallest company in the world that developing mobile games. Ha ha ha.

Me: oh, may be their project scope is complex. But I don’t think ours is the smallest company in the world making game. (We have 5 in total including him) there are others with only 2 ppl making games. (My sarcastic side took over me and said) I think we’re the only company in the world that has such small manpower with shortest deadline.

B: then how long do u think our timeline should be?

Me: abt 2 yrs? (Me considering all the artworks, features, testing time that we have to do)

B: urmmm I don’t think it’s that long. May be abt 6 months or a year at most?

G: ya, abt 6 months. Mobile games are not like desktop games or others so should be abt 6 months. Shouldn’t take that long.

Me: ... :)

Then I packed up my stuffs and left for the day. As for side note, boss designed the game himself and it took him 5 years to add complex features. And sometimes he will still come up to us and ask us to add that feature just cuz he was just inspired by another game he just played. Now can they tell us, this game can finish in 6 months? On what ground?

And another thing that he does gets on my nerve is that he plays game during office hours while the rest of us rushing for his project and campaign.

So, if I quit now, they’d still be in the middle of development. Oh and I’m the main programmer developing the game. So, erm.. Is it wrong?

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    Probably should have raised your concerns with him before quoting to be honest...
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    @forE I’ll give it a try. Actually, there’s one time I tried to raise my concern abt the campaign we’re doing. He wanted to show the whole battle scene in the video. But it’ll take time for us to make it, even to fake it. So I suggested how abt we show selective features instead. But he rejected and said this is the thing he wants to show. So.... I don’t know how to approach him anymore. 😅
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    @lunadev with a little more emphasis, the first time is was a demo, the second is a launch date.

    There’s not coming back from a bad launch in the mobile application world.
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    @forE exactly! Now the artworks look nth like how it was originally designed cuz we wanted to rush for the demo purpose and rendered them with flat colours. Honestly, they look disgusting. 😅 and he’s planning to make the release one month after the campaign. So, I’m not sure how to break it to him. At this pace, I see no future with him either.
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    @lunadev at that point forget about putting it politely, and just out right tell him he’s fucking up
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    @forE lol okay 😅😅😅 thank you for ur advice. ^^
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    "Quick question, is it bad to quit from a job when the project is not finished yet, especially in a startup company? "

    Professionally, nothing bad. This is a risk that companies, including startups, must address, not employees.

    Actually, on a larger scale, this is could be even a good thing.

    For your reputation, it could be. Whatever you do, always make sure to have "good press" on your side.

    Difference between "the asshole who leaves development in the middle of a project" and "the last man standing who's too professional for that bunch of punks" is often, unfortunately, just about storytelling.(reaching extremes not needed tho :D )
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