I get highly sceptical of a company when they need external garbage tier recruiters to find people who want to develop, HIGHLY TECHNICAL AVIATION SYSTEMS AND FLIGHT SIMULATORS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS SHOULD SELL IT SELF. PEOPLE SHOULD BE FLOCKING. PUN INTEDED EVEN.

I also hate recruiters. No, I don't want to leave my job. And, are you stupid? You are not looking for someone with a BsSc. You are looking for someone with a MsSc, or am I just that fucking amazing that I don't need as much education to be considered? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Aaaaaaaaaaah. Stop. It. I'm not looking for work.

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    Recruiters are literally taking salary away from you. Whilst you are working for your employer, you are also paying the recruiters wages. If you can't get a high(er) paying job without their help, fair enough - just make sure they don't contact me.
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