NDAs for me are a good predictor for a bad client or client relationship.

Doesn't work so well for larger cos, and it's not unusual for them to require one anyway.

I charge a fairly high flat fee for signing one. The people who won't pay probably don't need the NDA anyway and were going to be problematic.

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    100% agreed
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    That is a good idea. We tend to just suck it up, but they are a royal PITA.
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    If they pay and the NDA looks reasonable (i.e. it's two way, limited by time, excludes anything you already know and comes into public domain and liability is limited) then I sign. Pocket the cash.

    If it's not reasonable/they won't budge, the money pays for a few hours of legal to get it sorted and a few bottles of wine for the headache it causes haha.
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