I'm creating a messenger app (I know there are many, but it's different)

Any suggestion for API gateway? I was looking for ready made solutions to save time. I heard Kong is good. But I want to know your suggestions.

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    https://stdlib.com ??
    I mostly consume, not publish.
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    @bkwilliams it seems helpful. I'll try it today.

    However I was concerned about security against common attacks hence I was looking for some API gateway with traffic control, authentication, and security check for common attacks
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    I'm creating a messenger app too, maybe we could help each other out?
    My project is at https://gitlab.com/Bettehem/... and I'm attempting to improve on my old messenger project: https://github.com/Bettehem/...

    Text me on telegram if you are interested https://telegram.me/bettehem
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    @bettehem Actually we've only one common feature I believe ie security. In my application, messenger will be added in 3rd or 4th revision (as per my plan).

    However I'm always open for mutual support. Thanks for the initiative.
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    @bettehem I like the idea of only having a username! mullvad (a VPN service) has a similar approach for their accounts, where you just get a number and that's all you need to use it.
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    @jonii nice! Are you interested in helping me get it up and running?
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    @bettehem I'd love to! But I don't think I'd be of any help. I don't have any real experience in development for Android yet and I don't have that much spare time .-.
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    @jonii have you developed desktop apps? I'm planning on creating a desktop version too, but if nobody else gets that going, I'm going to start it once I finish the Android app
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