Should I implement the application first or plan about cloud hosting first?

Do I even go ahead with cloud hosting in the starting?

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    Of course implement the app, once u finish the frontend, you can deploy it and continue building the backend.

    For the second question: it depends om the type of your platform/business and the requirments.
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    @J-2FA just consider it as light version of linkedin.
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    @amitgupta what the hell is a light version of linkedin means?😂

    Since its a social networking platform, you need a valid estimate number of users. And if you are planing to scale it soon.

    I hope my answer helps you. If you need any further help let me know !
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    @J-2FA I'm considering approx 3k users in starting of 6 months and they should grow by 2x in every 3 months (roughly).

    I said light because no blogging.
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    @amitgupta then i'd suggest going for shared hosting. Its much cheaper and easier to setup
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    @J-2FA Thanks. But I heard 2 problems with that. Data is not safe and the IP address will be shared among many sites.
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    @amitgupta yup that's correct you will get a shared IP which is a downside for your SEO.

    Regarding the security for your data, i'd still prefer a shared hosting because the host provider does all the basic steps to secure your data.so if you dont have a solid knowledge in working with servers and any error occured u'll be fucked. Also you need to be knowledgable in how to secure your server. That's why its a gd idea to rely on a hosting provider.

    Personally i prefer to have my own vps (ofcourse depends on the project). For example i'm also building something similar to linkedin, stackoverflow and zomato all in one place but for a different niche. So i have my own VPSs (5) for this job because within 6 months we are expecting 2m+ active users.

    And btw its quite expensive to have your own servers.

    Btw may i ask you how are you going to convince people to switch from Linkedin to your website? Do you have a marketing strategy?
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    @J-2FA wow 2m+

    Yes I've planned for marketing strategies. Will share them with the app release.
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    @amitgupta cool. Gd luck then!

    If you need any help let me know!
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    @J-2FA sure thanks. Best of luck for your application too.
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