Out of curiosity, is there anyone else who feels a bit late to the game in terms of their programming skills and training?

I got my start at about 10 with a slightly obscure BASIC dialect for classic MacOS, and while I got the logical bits down strong, I never really branched out too much at the time because I had difficulty understanding some of the more advanced examples I had available on my own.

Skip ahead to college and I tried CompSci my first semester, and did fairly well on paper, but could not get the compiler to work, even copying out known examples character for character and verifying them repeatedly. So after my first semester (and the hardest-earned D I’ve ever gotten) I ended up switching my major.

Skip another 10 years and I’m talking to some people about setting up a website, but the programmer flaked out on us, so I decided to start experimenting in PHP, and while that project never went anywhere I got good at developing resources for helping me keep my Japanese skills up (lots of logic/DB work, minimal interface).

Finally, after 10 more years of tinkering and during a bout of unemployment, I had a friend lament that he needed another programmer for his shop, but didn’t know anyone reliable. I apprenticed under him, learning WordPress along the way, and these days he’s moved on while I run the shop on my own, picking up new skills as needed.

There are times I feel absolutely confident in what I’m doing, but there are several areas where I feel like I’ve got a lot of fundamental gaps I can’t figure out how to address due to my near complete lack of formal training (like when I’ve tried to do non-web programming).

Anyone else have a similar path to where they are now? Ideas on how to break out of this limiting feeling?

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    We all follow different paths. I'm 31 myself (guess you're 30 from the rant). Started at 15 with php. Skip ahead 16 years and now I dabble in vector graphics with wpf(C#).
    I've done the entire round of backend, frontend, sql-administrator, games, desktop, mobile.
    I'm happy I now ended up in a position of desktop application development with like a semi-leader towards the web parts.

    Granted I spent a metric shitload of time on getting here.
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    @jespersh Close! 35 this Sunday. Guess I’ve just been spending a bit of time reflecting on account of that and the fact that I’m currentlyputting the finishing touches on the single biggest project I’ve workedon so far. Learned a lot doing it, but that also has a way of showibg just as much that you don’t know at times. hehehe...
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