I hate every private package delivery service!
I ordered two things from the same shop. The first delivery came on Monday and because I wasn't home I got a notice which said I have to get the package from the pickup shop right around the corner. So far, so good.
Second delivery should come on Wednesday. I wasn't home again, so I got a notice to get the delivery from the pick up store....30 MINUTES AWAY!
Because the delivery should be quite heavy, I organized a friend with a car to help me.
At the pickup store I I got the package and it wasn't as heavy as I expected.
At home I opened the package and noticed that stuff is missing. In my order email a discovered, that there should be two package.
Slightly pissed off I drove back to the pickup store to get the other package, but it wasn't there.
Because the the delivery guy brought it to another pickup store...30 MINUTES AWAY IN THE OPOSITE DIRECTION OF MY HOME! WITHOUT A NOTICE!
And of course the shop was closed at this time :[
This wasn't the first time stuff like this happened with private delivery services. I cannot understand why people are ranting about the state postal service and prefer those private companys.

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    I can explain this:

    Why did you get the package in 2 places?

    Well it's common that retailers don't actually have the products, and work with partners that provide just the logistics, supplier chains, etc.

    So let's say you order a bed. The frame can be supplied by company S1, and the mattress by S2. The retailer sells it as a Bed, as a "set item". They have their partners deliver the pieces to your address. For various reasons, they end up far away from your home, in arbitrary places. One fucks up and doesn't notify you of the place, because they hire the cheapest available labour which sometimes is either people who don't give a fuck, or retards who can't give a fuck.

    Would a single monopolistic state-owned company solve it? No. Without competition you get no innovation. So how about 3 weeks delivery time with no tracking, and pick-up at the postal office 100km away, for just 400€? Oh it's broken? Sue us!
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    @AndSoWeCode I ordered 11 window blinders and they separated them in two packages because it would be too heavy in one package.

    My theory is, the delivery guy missed the second package when he was at the one pickup store he wrote the delivery notice for.

    At the second pickup store, he noticed that he missed the package and just delivered it to them because he had no time to drive back to the first store.
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    @SPie oh, yeah, that could also be it :)
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