Apparently shutting down Windows doesn't mean shutting down Windows. Good to know that the apparently superior OS can't shut down properly

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    This was happening all the time on my laptop so I decided to never boot Windows again on it.
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    It happens when you turn on "Fast boot".
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    @Jilano Just like the output of mount said in the screenshot I posted.
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    Turn off fast boot from power settings
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    @inaba Why have you forsaken me, eyes?! Apologies, kind sir.
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    It is common knowledge that you should always turn off Fast Boot in Windows. It's in the energy options -> Decide what should happen when the power button is pressed.
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    @filthyranter Not common enough knowledge to have reached me in the rock I live under :v

    But had never actually been a problem until I booted up Linux this morning tho D:
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    Typical windows bug (and fix). Just turn off this completely unrelated setting and it works.
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