Unnecessary optimizations everywhere

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    It is faster to write WWW,
    Than to write World Wide Web.

    Changed my mind
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    ... English only.
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    What about saying W3?!
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    The interwebs
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    No problem in Dutch 😊
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    Just had a great idea. Why not change the name of the letter W from "double you" to "wuh". Not only is it much quicker to say, it also sounds really bloody silly, so people who insist on saying it as part of a URL will be more inclined to stop doing it.
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    Dub dub dub
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    U u u u u u
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    Maybe in English, certainly not in Italian :)
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    In Slovak W is pronounced the same as V but in Slovak the sound is much shorter than in English... like when you say "very" the very first sound(ve) is approximately how it sounds.
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