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    I didn't get the joke 😅
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    I dont think anybody gets this joke. Maybe thats the joke
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    @ceee let me tell you a story:

    Back when I was a young lad, my dad showed me a video game for the first time. It was a text-based dungeon game where you had to type in commands and choices. Back then it seemed like Far Cry 5 today, and even more. So then I put my mind to it and actually started learning programming. I wanted to make an awesome game just like that, but better. High hopes, right? So I got to it. Ifs and Elses made my way into quite a complicated decision tree that almost seemed intelligent. I spent days working on that thing, and finally

    OH MY GOD! My MEGA Ansible playbook just finished after 40 minutes without a hitch! I'm gonna cry like a weeping widow that just saw her husband return home after MIA for 2 years.

    anyway, where was I before I got interrupted?

    Oh yeah, I made this whole thing up, none of it is real. I'm just curious about what's this whole thing about, and while waiting with my fingers crossed I spilled a bit of bullshit here for lolz. Cheers!
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    Climb to 100th floor of a building > walk 2 steps outside of any windows > enjoy your life
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    It's the fkin loss meme again. Why won't it die already. Still ++ for creativity
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    @yatanvesh okayyyyyyyyyy
    Googled "loss meme" cleared all my doubts 😐
    I love dark humour but idk the little XX thingie is me isn't letting me find this funny.
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    It wasn't supposed to be funny OR dark. The artist's (edited) gf had a miscarriage irl and he made a comic to express his feelings. But memers somehow started finding "loss" patterns irl stuff and uk how d story goes from der. @ceee
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    @yatanvesh woah ! If that's true,then it's pretty sad.
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    | |l

    || |--
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    Is this... loss?
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    - No... It's too late. The me_irl realm is here, and it's unstoppable.
    - It does not have to be. *rapidly starts summoning a -- campaign *
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