Why do bosses have to be such absolute bellends?

I have depression and ptsd after my time in the Army, which I was open with my boss about when I started.

It is more or less under control, but over the last month or so I’ve been going through a bit of a bad patch, and had a telling off at work about being late and using my phone too much. I’ve been doing everything that has been asked of me, but I hold my hands up and admit that I shouldn’t be using my phone (I have trouble concentrating at the moment so have a tendency to switch between things a lot like Work, emails, phone, emails, work etc. While at home I’ll have the tv on my computer and my phone switching. Between the 3)

So after my telling off and I’d calmed down a bit I sent my boss an email apology, saying I was going through a rough patch but that it isn’t an excuse and I will try harder to stop it from affecting my work etc.

She comes back with an email about she’s done this for me and that for me but she needs to see some output and wants to own some issues and see them to completion.

Now, I admit my output has been down a bit but I’ve spent the last two weeks working on some custom software that’s full of spaghetti code so it also requires time for me to get my head around it to understand what’s going on, and the guy who wrote it and is the one who knows exactly what it is that needs to be done only works 3 days a week and is only in the office for two of those, so makes it a bit difficult.

Anyway, I assume that she for got I am the person running the project (I use running in its loosest possible terms) to migrate us from SourceSafe to GitLab and if she’d bothered to look she would have seen every single piece of work that I’d committed over the last 2/3 weeks.

Luckily for me I know have to re-write all of the work I did in the last 2/3 weeks in one night.

Also because I, quite correctly, got told off I know feel like an absolute cunt, I’m getting marri d in 3 weeks and now I seriously feel like saying fuck it all and leaving everything and moving away

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    @rEaL-jAsE cheers dude, unfortunately leave isn’t an option, I used most of it booking my honeymoon, so I have 10 days off in August and then 3.5 days to last me until the end of the year.

    I don’t think my boss is being a dick on purpose, perhaps just not used to dealing with people with these sorts of issues.

    We’re having a meeting tomorrow where I’m going to show her the work I’ve done in the last 2/3 weeks and hopefully work out what exactly she wants from me, as I’ve been here 9 months more or less and I’ve never had any form of meeting to discuss what my goals/aims for the reporting period should be, they didn’t even tell me I’d passed my probation.
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    I was up until midnight last night fixing stuff because this place is a fucking joke.

    I’ve had a lot of time to think and I’m going into my meeting today armed with a list of counter points to the shitty email my boss sent and a list of questions to clarify what exactly she meant.

    The email made it sound like I’d not done any work in the 9 months I’d been here, which is massively untrue.

    And I want to know why, if there is such a problem with my performance why it hasn’t been mentioned to me at all before now.

    I think she just came in in a bad mood and decided to take out on me
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