Installing linux is one of the best thing I have done in my life. But I really miss playing games.

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    I bought a PS4 to keep that going. I don't even have a lot of time to do gaming so it suits me fine.
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    Paperspace + Parsec.
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    @Devnergy please, tell me it's a joke. I fucking hate when people say that you are "too old" to play video games. Aren't you too old to watch TV? Too old to read news? Fucking hell, just do whatever you enjoy, age is just a fucking number (maybe not when it comes to relationships)
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    @DawidCyron well it is a case to case basis and differs from person to person's situation. It is just my opinion. For me, playing games is addictive and I feel I'm not productive. I'l already played a lot of games when I was young and I think I need to be productive now.
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    @DawidCyron aren't you too old to rant? You should be able to keep your shit together!

    Sorry couldn't help my self from not throwing that joke lol
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    @Devnergy yes you shouldn't be ranting, it's taking all your productivness away!
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    @Devnergy You can't judge other people playing games just because you would like to play but you know it would affect your productivity on a negative way, so you rant all other people having fun with games.

    It's like the people growing older, marry and have kids and rant about every fun other people have, just because they don't have time to have fun themselves.

    Just manage your time and train your brain to quit at a certain time you set yourself.

    Try it, keeping you locked out of things you love will just make you grumpy.
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    Also, why not dual boot?
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    @greg- sorry mate I'm not perfect. I like to rant sometimes. It releases stress 🙂
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    @Kinky-Code Thanks mate I will keep note on that 😀
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    @Devnergy I'm nearing 40, and would never give up Overwatch, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. I play Overwatch with my wife (she earns her income with esports) and currently play a modded MC with a bunch of friends, OpenComputers is really neat.

    Also, yes, I'm still a kid.

    Anyone who labels themselves to be an adult is just pretending for the sake of image, and might potentially have dangerous delusions, grasping for control in a life which is nothing but a game.
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    Half the games in my library are playable in Linux. For the others there is always dual boot.
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    What types of games do you play? For most genres I like there are really good open source games that keep improving and can hold my interest. (An exception being story-heavy rpgs, but KOTOR 2 has a Linux version now, and I can always fall back to a dungeon crawler of some kind.) If you like strategy games, Battle for Wesnoth is an amazing turn-based game and there are several interesting RTS games. Racing games include SuperTuxKart, TORCS, and Rigs of Rods. There are several competent FPS games, etc. Check your distro's packages or do some digging online. There's a very nice Open Source game clones list which led me to OpenRCT2, for example.

    For more conventional (commercial) gaming, not GOG and Steam let you sort by platform so you can see what games should run on Linux. For more complicated things, a good starting point is Linus Tech Tips recent Linux gaming video on YouTube.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    @ay2306 Try Factorio. It's an awesome game with native Linux support. It does cost 20$, but it is well worth it.
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    @powerfulparadox About once a year I go crazy with friends in OpenTTD, maxing out a map with complex intersections and logic gates. Simutrans is another great FOSS transport simulator.

    Dwarf fortress, while not open source, is probably my #1 game though.
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    Dead Cells, Stardew Valley, Terraria, and Hollow Knight all run natively.
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