Putty, you son of a bitch. Why do you call the logging option "All session output" if you don't include binary zeros in the output? Zeros don't count as "all" or what?
Then call the option "All session output without zeros", that would have saved me some time and prevented handing out false data.

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    I hope u reported this to putty
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    PuTTY is kinda basic IMO.. maybe you'll benefit from using OpenSSH in WSL?
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    Use babun 😎
    It is built on cygwin and provides a lot of advantages, it also uses a package manager.
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    @zemaitis Yes I did. And I really hope it'll be fixed, I like Putty
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    @Condor It's about serial connection, so OpenSSH doesn't help.

    For SSH I use MSYS and OpenSSH, that works fine.

    I only use Putty for SSH, if I have a device that does not have OpenSSH installed, as putty works perfect as standalone software without installation
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    @Debugmed Cygwins user/access rights management is crappy, it tries to map Posix to Windows and that really doesn't work. So I suppose, Babun has the same issue?

    I changed from Cygwin to MSYS some time ago, that doesn't try to imitate too much.
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