I think twice when I've to select the month in some online form ... does 11 means Nov or Dec?

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    That's easy, Novem means nine, Decem means ten, so November is eleven and December 12. %-)
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    @fordtaunus now let's talk about the rest of months
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    @nemyxa Don't get me started on untyped languages...
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    October comes from Octo, therefore the Octobear has 8 edges and is the 8th Month of the year.

    but cause we are speaking about meatspace interaction, 12 is december cause humans usually start to count at 1
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    And don't forget "Undecimber"
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    Months start at 1, an array holding months starts at 0.

    months = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12]

    puts months[11] == 12 ? "December" : "fuck this shit"

    What will it print?
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    @mundo03 is correct. Anyone who represents December as 11 anywhere that is human-readable has a special place reserved for them in developer hell.
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