Big companies are crazy.. Half a million euro for a REST API.. Is that normal?!

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    Depends on the API, I know solutions like SAP/Microsoft Navision ...etc cost that much or even more.

    but if that API is for small solutions then WTF!
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    @gitpush It's not a big solution, we already have an API based on xml for the same software, so It wouldn't be a enormous task..
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    @gitpush And the half million is just the development part without testing and such things..
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    @NotMe WTF! That's just too much :S
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    @gitpush Everything here is so expensive.. And just for testing the API 2200 hours planned...
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    @NotMe WTF! What API Is this? Why all that?
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    @gitpush An API for configuration and status reports, about 20 use cases.. I don't know why it is so expensive..
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    @gitpush Exampls: serting serial number, getting port status (on, off) etc
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    @NotMe The only explanation I have is the customer is a big shot too, and your company is a B2B model
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    @norman70688 that’s actually a good idea. Walter White could’ve laundered loads of money in
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    - the client has no choice. Vendor locking is common strategy in IT.
    - it’s a government contract, so noone cares.
    - it actually is about 20 man-months work to be done.
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    I know, they could of just downloaded it online for free... Fools.
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    Perhaps I should become an API developer for that kind of clients.. 🤑
    Half a million is way too much though.. sounds fishy 😐
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