CTO at my previous company think that wordpress based website is took a long time to load.
I suggest to use caching and fix ton of abusive query, He refused. He spun up more VM, upgrade the ec2 instance level to the max. Said that he resolved the problem. But the problem still persist actually.
Blame me for slow response website, blame me for late of deployment because data is not ready ( there's a lot of spam in there, we need to clean it before )
I left the company, Coworker said that he just install a bunch of caching plugin,
He made the website down for entire day and don't understand what is happening. Ask other developer to fix it quickly, to do unpaid overime
The site is back to bussiness, said to all team that he already fixed it.
Everything good happened, he claimed that it was his idea.

And the best part is : he put 'ssh' as skill list in his personal site

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    Seen this before at a company I worked at for a month before leaving.

    Database was a joke and the codebases were an even bigger joke. Their idea of scaling was to spend crazy money adding more hardware instead of optimising the codebases/db. This only gets you so far.

    It came down to the fact they had no idea what they were doing or how to fix it, and refused to listen to someone who did.
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